Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The structure of a republic

By doing this, The Republic gets stronger because that is what you get. You get representation.

You get an input/output system that is capable of reducing error. It is kind of like a forum. An idea is presented to a small group. That group formulates ideas around the original idea. The idea gets more successful by convincing other groups through logical argument and evidence.

1) A benefit to this is that more ideas will be discarded then will be adopted.
2) Standardization is built in to the process.
3) It is difficult to lie to a true republic.

This is a republic.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Larger Government reduces error

It becomes more obvious every day. Today it is wall street.

We must enforce Art 1 Sec 2 Cl 3. The more people we have in a decision body, the smaller the error. More people would understand different topics and many people would create smarter policy. One to Thirty Thousand is about the right amount to create a representative government.

We need the house to become a virtual legislative body. Where Congress People live in the district and represent virtually their district. By living in the district, they will represent their district better. There will be fewer lobbyist bills brought before congress.

Bills will have more relevant conversation before being voted on. Bills can be edited while conversations occur.

From a computer science perspective, the representation ratio of 1 to 30000 is brilliant. It is a virtual neural network. A neural network reduces error.

It is a dishonor to all Americans and the Constitution by not building this social network. We can build this. We should have a conversation about this. This kind of change needs to be thought out so nobody gets upset.